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A conservatory is one of the most intelligent ways to invest in an existing property, as not only is it a fantastic way to increase a property’s value – it’s also a wonderful place to spend quality time! With the materials, skills and expertise available from Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd, you can rest assured that your new conservatory will be fabricated on environmentally friendly materials, and designed and installed in such a way as to be A+ Energy Efficient – keeping natural heat in your home in the summer months, and requiring only a little energy to be warm and welcoming in winter months.

Bespoke Conservatory Design from Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd

Our bespoke design service really is the best available – you won’t find anyone with more experience than us! More than this, however, is our dedication to customer service. We won’t allow ourselves to be beaten on price, quality, or communication. Because we can manage the entire design, manufacture and installation process, you’ll only ever need to speak to us – not a couple of different companies – which means we’ll be able to answer your questions with just one phone call. We’ve spent our years in business committed to being the best – and each of our customers have been thrilled with our work!

For Less Than You Might Think!

Because we’re a small, local, family-run company, with skills and experience beyond almost all of our competitors here in the East Midlands, we can manage the entire design, manufacture and installation process – without having to pay any other company. This means we can pass savings directly onto you, the customer – allowing us to offer amazing prices for top-quality conservatories!

So, why not call Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd today? You’ll be glad you did!

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Energy efficient, welcoming, and available in a range of materials, we at Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd offer a holistic service when it comes to replacing your doors, or supplying cost-effective, premium looking doors to new build developments.

Single Doors for Homes

DoorsDerby City Glass (UK) Ltd offers truly unique and beautiful doors for our domestic customers. We manage the entire process in-house, from design, through manufacture, to installation. Spare yourself hassle by talking to Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd!

Our bespoke doors look fantastic, keep warmth in, and give any home a sense of grandeur and welcome. However, for those with more modest budgets, we keep standard models in stock so that those looking to profit from property development, or homeowners looking to make their budgets go as far as possible, can enjoy top quality for a great price.

Doors for Building Developments

We’re more than a small workshop – here at Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd we’re able to provide cost effective yet great looking, energy efficient doors for building developments. If you’re looking for a top-quality, expensive look for the doors in your development, which will be as good for your budget as for the tenants who will live in your development, then look no further. We’ll consult with you for a strong design identity which suggests warmth and welcome, while offering large-order discounts which will compete with even the lowest-costing of our competitors – and a quality others simply can’t provide.

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