Misted Window Repair

Effective, Lasting and Fast Fixes for Double Glazing Misting


Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd specialise not only in the design, manufacture and installation of uPVC windows, but also in their maintenance. If your home has double glazing that’s seen better days, call us today for a swift and inexpensive repair that will work wonders for the appearance of your windows.

Brand New Looking Windows – for a Fraction of a New One!

Double glazing windows are, as you probably guessed, formed of two panes of glass with a void in between. Misting occurs when condensation seeps through into the void, causing an unappealing look (referred to, in the trade, as ‘breaking down’). This can worsen over the years, until windows can become difficult to look through! However, de-misting condensation from double glazing isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think – and certainly is no cause for replacing windows. Spare yourself time, effort and a lot of cash by calling Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd!

Misting is caused by failure in the perimeter seal. It can also be caused by less-than-perfect fitting (one of the main reasons that our own designed and installed windows never mist!). Extremes of wind and rain, or particularly caustic cleaning chemicals, can also exacerbate the problem. The seal around the edge of the window loses its integrity and allows moisture to enter the void between panes. The misting process starts when sun shines straight onto the window, heating the moisture, and leaving the unpleasant appearance which will worsen.

There’s no need to let this problem cost more than it should! Call the team at Derby City Glass (UK) Ltd to bring your windows back to factory condition for less than you might think.

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